There is a lot of curiosity when it comes to using lasers and energy-based devices (EBD) i.e. radiofrequency to rejuvenate the skin. Lasers and EBD really are the ‘new black’ in anti-ageing. Whether you’re looking to treat the visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and pigment, or you want to preserve your skin, lasers and EBD coupled with great skincare are the way forward. Many of our clients understand the benefits of using lasers and EBD to improve their skin, but many are still in the dark about the benefits of device-based skin treatments. Perhaps the most commonly asked question from our clients regarding the benefits of lasers and EBD for their skin is, ‘how do I know it will work for me?’.

We take our responsibility to your skin seriously! This commonly asked question is precisely the reason why we’ve introduced ‘results based treatment packages’. Results based treatment, as the name implies, is treatment that focuses on the clients desired aesthetic outcome. When you book a skin consultation at our clinic, our Therapists and Doctors will discuss your treatment options using our lasers & energy based devices, and will explain, in detail, the results you can expect. A treatment plan is then formulated for your skin concerns detailing your specific treatment outcomes. If we do not achieve these outcomes within the specified type and number of treatments detailed in your treatment plan, we’ll continue to treat you until we do.

Terms & Conditions

  • Results based promise applies only when the treatment recommendations, in their entirety, are accepted by the client (these are contained in your treatment plan)
  • All treatments are performed by trained experienced professional Beauty/Dermal therapists and Doctors. Whilst due care and diligence is undertaken for all treatments, there is inherent risk in performing laser & energy based treatments which can not be completely mitigated. More information is provided during consultation
  • Desired treatment outcomes must be reasonable, realistic and attainable. Client expectations will be guided by the treating Therapist or Doctor
  • Clinical photography is taken before and after each treatment to document treatment outcomes
  • Subsequent treatments needed to achieve treatment outcomes, relates only to lasers & energy based device treatments and does not include other treatment options e.g treatment with cosmetic injectables
  • Subsequent treatment may include treatment using any of our lasers & EBD devices. Choice of subsequent treatment will be based on the opinion and advice of the treating Therapist or Doctor 
  • Our results-based promise DOES NOT apply if a client decides to proceed with treatment a) against the treating therapist or doctors judgment, or b) if the treating therapist advises the treatment will not meet your desired outcome.

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