Treat your double chin and sharpen the jawline with the expert team at Vamp. If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with the lack of sharpness in your jawline or profile, this treatment can help significantly. Our double chin & jawline liposculpture is the most effective treatment for redefining a round or bulky jawline.


Rounded, double, bulky chin and jawlines – this treatment targets the preplatysmal fat pocket under the chin and works to shape and define the jawline and chin.

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Simply put, liposuction is short-hand for the technical term called suction assisted lipectomy. In the first part of the procedure, a long hollow tube with holes at the end is inserted at various points under the jawline through incisions of 3-4mm (usually 3, no more than 5). A special formulation of medications including local anaesthetic and other agents to minimize bleeding known as Klein’s solution is delivered to the preplatysmal fat area. It takes around 20 minutes for the solution to distribute to minimise pain during the procedure.

During the second part of the procedure, another long hollow tube is inserted into the same incision points and fat is gently removed, permanently.

How long does the procedure take to perform?

You will be required to have a consultation with the Doctor prior to booking the procedure (15-30 minutes). You’ll be required to wait at least 1 week between consultation and having treatment to allow you time to decide if the treatment is right for you.

Treatment takes 1.5 – 2 hours to perform.

Unlike liposuction in other areas of the body, most patients tolerate and recover very quickly. Seventy-five percent of all patients return to work after taking the 1-2 days off work.

A compression bandage will be provided for you which must be worn for 1-2 weeks following the procedure. Patients can choose the following length of time to wear the compression bandage based on their lifestyle:

  • 3 full days, then wearing the bandage for the next 11 days when not at work OR
  •  7 full days for those who work from home

While we often prescribe pain medications to treat any discomfort following the procedure, most people end up not requiring pain medications.

You will need to take one course of antibiotics (7 days).

Will I bruise or be swollen?

Approximately 90% of our patients experience minimal bruising and minimal swelling, with the other 10% experiencing swelling not beyond 72 hours.

The cost of the procedure is $3400. A $200 deposit is required to secure your appointment for treatment with the balance owing on the day of treatment.

This is a very common question. The table below compares liposuction with the two other methods of treating under chin fat.

LiposuctionFat FreezingFat Dissolving
Cost$34007 – 10 sessions at $400 = $2800 – $40003 – 6 sessions at $900 = $2700 – $4500
ResultsEstablished as the gold standard in cosmetic medicine.Not guaranteed based on anatomical considerations.Not good for large amounts or small amounts, no guaranteed results.
Downtime3 days minimum, 7 days maximum, least pain out of all the three. No repeat sessions.1 – 2 weeks of pain and swelling after each session, repeat sessions at various intervals of 4- 6 weeks.2 – 3 weeks of significant pain and swelling after each session spaced out 6 weeks apart.
Number Of Sessions17 – 10 Sessions3 – 6 Sessions

The ideal patient will be between 18-55 years old without significant looseness of the skin below the jaw.

Liposuction while being the most effective treatment for under chin fat, it has also been around the longest. That said, all medical procedures carry risks which will be discussed with you in details with the doctor at your appointment.

Bruising often disappears within a week and is often times extremely minimal due to the low traumatic impact nature of how we do tumescent liposuction.

That said, patients between the age of 18-40 with smaller pockets of fat seem to in our experience follow a split: 90% will be fine within 3 days, the other 10% within 2 weeks.

Typically the younger the patient the faster the swelling disappears. Swelling is often not swollen skin but residual lymphatic fluid that eventually drains as the lymphatic system regrows after liposuction.

Patients 40-50 with a little bit of loose skin may take up to 3-6 weeks for all the lymphatic fluid to drain. We encourage patients with residual swelling that feels “fluidy” to continue wearing their compression garment at night to allow the fluid to drain.

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