Short biodegradable filaments coated in a stimulatory material (PDO – polydioxanone), inserted under the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin to firm and smooth fine lines, wrinkles and ‘crepey’ skin on the face and neck.

Ideal for rejuvenating the skin without adding volume or ‘bulk’ to the treated area. Often paired with dermal filler treatment and MINT thread treatment for complete rejuvenation.

Mono threads are minimally invasive and are performed by our experienced Doctors.


Thinning skin, fine lines, improvement in overall skin quality in preparation for dermal filler treatment.

There is minimal downtime associated with mono thread treatment – you will experience some minor localised swelling, minor bruising and irregularities in the skin which will settle in 1-5 days.
You will see some immediate improvement in skin quality following treatment however as mono threads are a stimulatory treatment, results are gradual and can be seen over 10-12 weeks.


Mono threads are great for smoothing and firming the skin but they do not significantly lift the skin.

This is achieved through treatment with MINT PDO long threads. At Vamp Cosmetic Clinic we combine long threads ‘cross hatched’ with mono threads for greater structural support of heavier sagging skin – such as cheeks and jowling, for a longer lasting result.

Treatment Area Single Price
Mini area (20) tear trough, mouth, nasolabial folds, marionette lines $600
Maxi area (30) lower cheeks, full neck, jawline/chin $800
Volumising monos (10) temples, forehead $600
Additional mono threads (per 10) any area  $200
Additional volumizing threads (per 10) any area $400
Full Face Mono Thread Treatments
*Full Face Treatment (120) $2200
*Full face + Volume Treatment (110 + 10 DS) $2550
*Full face Maxi Treatment (200) $3500
*Full face Maxi + Volume Treatment (190 + 10-20 DS) $3800

Further discounts apply for treatment of multiple areas. Spend $500 or more on any other treatment (in a single appointment) in the last 3 months to qualify for ADD on treatment pricing.

Single treatment pricing:

Combine 2 areas = 15% off single price
Combine 3 areas = 20% off single price
Combine 4 areas = 25% off single price

ADD on treatment pricing: 

Combine 2 areas = 15% off ADD on price
Combine 3 areas = 20% off ADD on price
Combine 4 areas = 25% off ADD on price

*Package pricing does not apply to full face mono threads treatments

Mono thread treatment requires an in person or video consultation with our Cosmetic Doctors prior to treatment.

Treatment can be performed in the same appointment as consultation.

Consultations with our Cosmetic Doctors are complimentary. A $100 deposit is required if you wish to have 3 or more areas treated with mono threads.

Mono (PDO) filament thread treatment is recommended for men and women with diminishing skin quality – fine lines, wrinkles or ‘crepey skin’ and mild skin laxity or ‘sagging’ to the face and neck.
Mono filament threads are ideal for rejuvenating the skin without adding volume or bulk to the face e.g. for clients who have had treatment with dermal filler to replace lost volume but are looking to rejuvenate the quality of the skin tissue.
Our experienced Doctors will help determine if you are a suitable candidate for treatment with mono threads during an in clinic consultation. You may proceed with treatment on the same day as consultation.
Mono (PDO) threads are suitable for those looking to treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkled or ‘crepey skin’ – cheeks, marionette lines, crows feet, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, jawline, ‘smokers lines’, neck lines
  • Mild sagging skin – jawline, double chin (submental area), cheeks, ‘smokers lines’
  • Neck lines and mild neck laxity
  • Thinning skin – brow, temples, tear troughs

Mono threads are not suitable for lifting sagging skin as they are placed superficially under the skin and are completely smooth (without bars or hooks). To achieve significant lift of sagging skin, long (or cog) threads are used. At Vamp Cosmetic Clinic we use MINT PDO long threads combined with mono threads for an improved longer lasting result.

Mono (PDO) threads are performed in clinic by our experienced Cosmetic Doctors.

The procedure begins by the Doctor injecting local anaesthetic into the treatment area (s) to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Throughout the treatment, you will feel minimum discomfort, only minor pin pricks and pressure as the Doctor positions the threads under the skin. Several threads are inserted into the superficial layers of the skin via a cannulated needle. The cannula needle is removed and the filament thread is left under the skin.

Although you will notice some immediate improvement in the treatment area, mono threads are a ‘biostimulatory’ treatment meaning the majority of the result takes place gradually over a period of 10-12 weeks.

The duration of the mono thread treatment depends on how many areas are treated. Treatment of one area takes approximately 30 minutes to perform with up to 4-6 areas able to be treated in 1 hour.

There is minimal downtime associated with this treatment. You will experience some tenderness, minor localised swelling & bruising and irregularities in the skin texture which will settle in 1-5 days.

The following is a summary of post treatment care following mono thread treatment:

  • No make up to be applied for 24 hours
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for 24 hours
  • Avoid facial massage for 3 weeks
  • Avoid high impact exercise for 3 weeks
The results of mono thread treatment lasts for 12-18 months. Individual results vary and the longevity of the result may be affected by continual ageing and lifestyle factors such as smoking and weight loss.

Mono thread treatment may be combined with other skin treatments such as laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels and needling and cosmetic injectable treatments such as antiwrinkle injections and dermal filler, for a more complete rejuvenated result. Our Team will advise you of suitable combination treatments and pricing during your complimentary consultation.

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