We’re so excited to introduce the miraDry at Vamp Cosmetic Clinic – the first and ONLY miraDry in Newcastle!

The technology of miraDry is unparalleled for the permanent reduction of underarm sweat and odour. It has the additional benefit of significant hair reduction in the treatment area for all skin types and hair colours.

Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) and osmidrosis (excessive odour) affects millions of people worldwide. While being a source of anxiety and embarrassment for some, others may simply find the amount they sweat bothersome.

Within the skin in the underarm we have both eccrine (clear, odourless sweat, produced all over the body) and apocrine glands (thick, oily sweat that attracts bacteria causing odour, found in armpits and genital region only).

The device uses non-invasive electromagnetic energy to precisely target and destroy these glands causing a permanent reduction of sweat and odour.

miraDry treatment is highly effective and has been shown to reduce sweating by an average of over 80% and odour by over 90%.

It differs from botulinum toxin injections (e.g. Botox, Dysport) in that it treats both gland types (botulinum toxin is only effective on eccrine glands, thus doesn’t affect odour), and that the treatment is considered PERMANENT. The sweat glands do not regenerate following treatment with miraDry. Botulinum toxin injection treatments, however, need to be repeated every 3-4 months.

Patients will require generally 1 or 2 treatments spaced 3 months apart. The treatment takes about an hour and the effect is immediate. It’s a very tolerable procedure and pain is minimal. Initially the clinician will numb the area to be treated and draw up a temporary treatment template. Next, the handpiece is activated. You will feel a slight suction due to the vacuum of the handpiece bringing the targeted tissue closer to the surface. There are multiple treatment points within each template, where the device is applied, electromagnetic energy is delivered, and then the tissue is cooled before moving to the next treatment zone.

Common side effects include mild redness, tenderness, swelling/lumpiness, bruising and altered sensation in or around the treatment zones, which are temporary. It is recommended to ice the area regularly for the first day, avoid any vigorous exercise for 72 hours, and to keep the area clean following the procedure.

In Australia, the miraDry device is TGA approved for the treatment of the underarm area. The device has been used in the USA since 2011 and has proven itself to be a highly efficacious and safe treatment, gaining enormous popularity worldwide.

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