EscarGLOW Facials

Skin micro needling + growth factors (SCA)
Allow 60-90 minutes

What is the EscarGLOW Facial?

It’s a novel facial treatment combining the stimulating effect of skin micro needling with animal derived growth factors (SCA or snail mucin). Growth factors are chemical messengers that stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. Crytomphalus aspersa (SCA growth factor derived from snails) contains glycoproteins and antioxidants to help repair, maintain and protect the skin. Growth factor serums are traditionally applied topically (superficially) on the skin. This facial treatment allows the growth factors to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin for a more intensive result.

Small needles (using a needling pen) penetrate the skin to form microscopic ‘micro injuries’ which open up channels in the skin. These channels allow delivery of the growth factor serum, allowing it to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. The combination of micro needling and deep penetration of growth factors results in intensive skin rejuvenation.

Used to treat: thinning skin, fine lines and wrinkles

Full face: $299
Full face + neck: $389
Full face + neck + décolletage: $449

Discounts apply when treatments are purchased in a course of 3 or more treatments, see treatment packages for details.