What is the PicoWay Petite Laser Facial? The PicoWay Petite Laser Facial is a laser treatment that is used to treat enlarged pores and skin irregularities such as discolouration and to improve the skins texture. Immediate improvement in enlarged pores, skin tone and texture and superficial pigment is seen for improved overall skin clarity.

Our very popular PicoWay Resolve laser is used to perform this treatment. The PicoWay Petite uses less pulses and lower energy than PicoWay Resolve. You WILL see great results however the Petite is not as powerful as our PicoWay Resolve treatment which treats lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth, and is more efficacious in treating pigment in the skin

A single session is recommended in preparation for a big event (allow 3-4 days prior to the event). 1-4 treatments spaced 1-4 week apart are recommended for long term clearer, brighter skin.

Used to treat: enlarged pores, skin tone and texture and superficial pigment for improved overall skin clarity. Perfect for those wanting to try laser skin rejuvenation or as maintenance following a course of more intensive laser skin treatments such as PicoWay Resolve or C02 fractional laser skin resurfacing 


$329 single treatment (up to 30% off your treatment when purchased in a package, see treatment menu for details)