The most advanced picosecond laser used to treat tattoos of all colours.

The PicoWay shatters tattoo ink into miniscule particles which is cleared by the body’s immune system. It’s safe for darker skin types and with less discomfort during and after treatment, tattoo removal sessions can be spaced closer together and your tattoo is treated effectively and in fewer treatments.

Why is PicoWay superior to other laser tattoo removal?

PicoWay has the shortest pulses and the highest peak power of any tattoo removal laser. This means better ink clearance (all colours) and less heat is delivered to the skin so there’s less discomfort and faster healing.

For best results, treatments are spaced 4-8 weeks apart.

We’ve recently released simpler more cost effective tattoo removal packages for small, medium and large tattoos (see details above). These new packages apply to a wide range of tattoo sizes and are designed for complete removal. There are no hidden costs so you’ll know exactly how much your tattoo removal will cost in advance making it easier to budget for your treatments.

Consultations with our experienced Dermal Therapists are complimentary. You can chat through your treatment and pricing options, choose to proceed with treatment of your tattoo the same day, or come back another day.

We also offer zipPay and zipMoney, no deposit no interest payment plans.

All tattoos require several treatments for best results. Any good laser tattoo removal clinic will tell you there are NO guarantees in tattoo removal but with PicoWay you can be guaranteed you’re getting the most powerful picosecond tattoo removal laser on the market. The effectiveness of laser tattoo removal is dependent on a number of variables such as age of the tattoo, location, depth, size, the type of ink used among other factors. The average length of time it takes to effectively treat a tattoo with the PicoWay laser is 4-6 months (4-6 treatments 3-4 weeks apart) but some tattoos can take up to 8-10+ sessions (8-10+ months).

Yes, we will treat your tattoo with the required number of treatments until you are happy with the result. Clients opt for tattoo fading if they’d like to refresh the ink in their tattoo or ‘cover up’ an existing tattoo.

All laser tattoo removal is uncomfortable. Pain and discomfort during and after laser tattoo removal mostly relates to the amount of heat that’s delivered to the tattoo and surrounding tissue. This causes significant pain and discomfort. The PicoWay delivers less heat to the tissue compared to traditional lasers so treatments are more comfortable with much less downtime. Less downtime means treatments can be spaced closer together and your tattoo is treated in the shortest possible time.


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