A highly effective and intense exfoliating facial treatment and a Vamp Team favourite. We are Newcastle’s HydraFacial clinic having performed over 1000 HydraFacial treatments and counting. HydraFacial is one of our most popular facial treatments because it works to exfoliate and deep clean leaving your skin glowing and refreshed.

HydraFacial MD uses advanced, patented vortex technology to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin and effectively deliver botanical ingredients containing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc and magnesium peptides to where they do the most good. In addition, HydraFacial delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage by free radicals – from pollution, sun and stress – which can degrade the skin and accelerate the ageing process.

Don’t be fooled by imitations, there is only one HydraFacial MD.


Enlarged and congested pores, blackheads, dry skin, uneven skin texture. The ideal prep treatment before more intensive laser skin treatments.

HydraFacial Boost: $220

7.5% Glycolic exfoliation, suitable for all skin types, First time treatment.

HydraFacial Brightening Boost: $225

15% Glycolic exfoliation, suitable for all skin types, for next level exfoliation.

HydraFacial Extreme Boost: $235

30% Glycolic exfoliation, suitable for oily/congested, rough, thicker skin, for deeper chemical exfoliation (ideal for male skin types)

Purple Aggression HydraFacial: $250

7.5%, 15% or 30% Glycolic exfoliation, suitable for oily/congested, rough, thicker skin, for deeper mechanical exfoliation (ideal for male skin types).


For the ultimate in rejuvenation + relaxation, add a facial enhancement to any of our facial and laser facial treatments.


Allow additional 20 minutes

A high-performance mask to rebuild the barrier proteins and boost skin immunity. This luxurious restorative treatment is brimming with a fusion of probiotics, vitamin B3, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. The ultimate treatment mask for sensitive skin.


Allow additional 20 minutes

A pore refining, clarifying mineral/ antioxidant mask to target oily, congested and acne prone skin. A blend of volcanic zeolite and bentonite clay to neutralise free radical damage and extract pollutants for a deep-pore clean.


Allow additional 30 minutes

Synergie Skin Bioalginate Mask. A firming and hydrating treatment to replenish water and oil content in dehydrated skin. The mask sets & peels off, infusing hydration & essential vitamins into the deeper layers of the skin.


Allow additional 20 minutes

Promote better skin quality, healing and relaxation with post treatment LED phototherapy. Choose from red, blue or near infrared light.

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