A minimally invasive facial treatment involving the use of fine needles to create microcanals in the skin for infusion of hyaluronic acid serum. As the hyaluronic acid serum reached the deeper layers of the skin and the micro-injuries heal, collagen & elastin are stimulated for improved skin tone, texture and hydration.

At Vamp Cosmetic Clinic, we use a mesostatic m.pen PRO the ulimate in microneedling devices, the m.pen can be adjusted to 6 different depths (0.25mm – 2.5mm) allowing for deeper skin penetration and a more intensive treatment.


Fine lines, uneven skin texture, thinning skin.

Full face: $395

Full face + neck: $470

Full face + neck + décolletage: $550

Discounts apply when treatments are purchased in a course of 3 or more treatments, see treatment packages for details.

Skin microneedling is commonly combined with the delivery of active serums. Small needles (using a needling pen) penetrate the skin to form microscopic ‘micro injuries’ which open up channels in the skin. These channels allow the serum to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The combination of micro needling and deep penetration of active serums results in more intensive skin rejuvenation. Serums contain active chemical compounds that stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.


For the ultimate in rejuvenation + relaxation, add a facial enhancement to any of our facial and laser facial treatments.


Allow additional 20 minutes

Promote better skin quality, healing and relaxation with post treatment LED phototherapy. Choose from red, blue or near infrared light.

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