Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that uses a specialised blade to physically exfoliate skin cells and remove vellous hair or ‘peach fuzz’ for brighter smoother skin. It’s safe for all skin types and is popular with those wanting an alternative to chemical skin exfoliation and those prone to vellous facial hair.


Uneven skin texture and tone, vellous hair, enlarged pores.

Treatment Price: $149

You will notice immediate improvement in skin texture and brightness. Your skin will be softer to the touch and smoother and brighter in appearance. Due to the physical exfoliation of the skin, it helps with textural irregularities, blackheads and enlarged pores and topical skin care may penetrate more deeply into the skin. Makeup is applied easily for a smoother more even result.

No – there is no change to the hair follicle following this treatment therefore the hair will not grow back thicker, coarser or darker.

Dermaplaning is performed by our highly trained and experienced Dermal Therapists. First, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. Next, a specialised sterile blade is applied to the skin in short sweeping movements to physically exfoliate the skin and remove vellous hair. The treatment is relaxing, and you will feel soft scraping as the blade passes gently over the skin. Next, a soothing aloe vera mask is applied followed by a light fruit based elixir oil to smooth the skin. The treatment is finished with application of a lightly tinted SPF cream to protect the skin.

No – this is one of the many benefits of dermaplaning. You will notice immediate improvements in your skins texture and luminosity with minimal dowtime. You can expect your skin to feel more sensitive to touch and you will notice some red ‘patchiness’ to the skin immediately following treatment which will resolve in 1-2 hours. Skin care and make up can be applied immediately following treatment.

Dermaplaning may be performed every 2-4 weeks to maintain soft, smooth luminous skin or it may be performed less frequently for those looking to improve their skin for a special event. We offer treatment packages of 3-5+ treatments at discounts of up to 30% applied to the cost of your treatment. Ask your Therapist for more details.

Following the dermaplaning treatment, your skin will feel and look smoother and brighter. Treatment of skin pigmentation, other discolouration and significant textural irregularities such as scarring will improve but treatment with lasers and energy based devices is more effective. Ask your Therapist for more details.

There are low risks associated with this treatment. Like all skin treatments, there is a risk of irritation to the skin caused by the process of physical exfoliation and/or the use of topical skin products during treatment. There is also a low risk of minor cuts and abrasions as the blade passes over the skin but are not common.


For the ultimate in rejuvenation + relaxation, add a facial enhancement to any of our facial and laser facial treatments.


Allow additional 30 minutes

Synergie Skin Bioalginate Mask. A firming and hydrating treatment to replenish water and oil content in dehydrated skin. The mask sets & peels off, infusing hydration & essential vitamins into the deeper layers of the skin.


Allow additional 20 minutes

Promote better skin quality, healing and relaxation with post treatment LED phototherapy. Choose from red, blue or near infrared light.

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