At Vamp Cosmetic Clinic we offer the full range of TGA approved collagen stimulators available in Australia – Radiesse, Sculptra and Profhilo. Collagen stimulators have been around for a long time used therapeutically in conditions associated with facial volume loss. Collagen stimulators have made a recent resurgence due to consumer shift away from enhancing treatments and towards more natural rejuvenating treatments.

Collagen stimulators stand apart from other cosmetic injectable treatments because their primary role is to improve the structure and appearance of the skin and their effects are long lasting.

Collagen stimulators can significantly improve the structure and appearance of the skin by stimulating the body’s own collagen and elastin, establishing long lasting structural support for skin tissue. Collagen stimulators are commonly used for treatment of crepey, thinning, and wrinkled skin in the face, neck, decolletage and hands, with good effect in as few as 1-2 treatments.

Collagen stimulators are popular for rejuvenation of commonly neglected areas, such the neck, hands and decolletage, where few other treatment options are available. At Vamp, we have a diverse range of laser treatments for rejuvenation of neck, hands and decolletage. Lasers work well for rejuvenation of these areas however laser treatments may be associated with more risk and downtime and three or more treatments are usally needed. We utilise our lasers in combination with collagen stimulator treatments, mainly to treat pigmentation and discolouration for the face, decolletage and backs of hands.

Collagen stimulator treatment is a medical procedure and involves adminstering Schedule 4 pharamceuticals & medical risk. It should only be performed by qualified and trained Doctors and Regsitered Nurses. Our team is comprised of highly experienced, trusted doctors and nurses overseen by Dr Jacob Alexander MBBS FRACGP.


All collagen stimulators work to stimulate collagen and elastin and improve the structural integrity and appearance of the skin, but there are some differences between each product.

Sculptra and is a powerful collagen stimulator and works well for facial rejuvenation but will not immediately volumise the skin. Results take 10-12 weeks. Sculptra is a liquid and can be distributed broadly over the surface area of the face or localised to areas that need more rejuvenation such as cheeks or nasolabial folds. Sculptra is not recommended for hands and neck.

Radiesse is a volumising gel as well as a collagen stimulator. You will see an immediate volumising effect, followed by a secondary stimulation of long-lasting collagen and elastin, similar to Sculptra. For this reason, we like to use Radiesse for rejuvenation of hands, neck and decolletage where loss of volume and significant ‘crepeness’ is commonly seen. There is an immediate effect similar to a dermal filler followed by a longer lasting rejuvenation.

Profhilo is also a poweful collagen stimulator but does not provide immediate volumisation of the treated area. Profhilo like Sculptra takes time to see noticeable results but the collagen production and improvement in the appearance of the skin is worth waiting for.

Pricing includes cost of consultation and treatment with our experienced doctors and nurses

COLLAGEN STIMULATOR PER SYRINGE/VIAL % Savings Typical treatment areas
RADIESSE (1.5ml syringe)
1-2 treatments typically required
$1100 per 1.5ml syringe Save 10% on 2 or more syringes Neck (2-4 syringes in 1 treatment) $1980-$3960

Back of hands (1-2 syringes in 1 treatment) $990-$1980

SCULPTRA (1 vial)
3-6 vials typically required
$900 per vial Save 10% on 3 or more vials pre purchased Face (1 vial for every decade of life e.g. 50s needs 5 vials) cost is variable
PROFHILO (2ml syringe)
2 treatments required + additional 1 treatment if desired
$950 per 2ml syringe Save 5% when you pre purchase a 2 treatment package (recommended) Face (4ml total over 2 treatments) $1800

Neck (4ml total over 2 treatments) $1800

Collagen stimulators are recommended for people who are experiencing crepey, thinning, wrinkled skin usually in the areas of face, neck, hands and decolletage but they are also used to treat other areas of the body. Collagen stimulators utilise the body’s own rejuvenating processes and are popular with those who do not require enhancing treatments such as dermal filler, and who prefer more natural rejuvenating treatments.

Each of the collagen stimulating treatments utilise different ‘active ingredients’ to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen and elastin, improving the structure and appearance of the skin.


The active component of Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) suspended in an opaque gel substance. When injected underneath the skin, the gel properties of Radiesse immediately volumise the area and CaHA settles in the skin tissue to stimulate the building blocks of the skin – collagen and elastin.


The active component in Sculptra is microparticles of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). Sculptra is a powdered substance reconstituted with water for injection. When injected, the water is absorbed by the body and the powder settles in the treatment area stimulating collagen and elastin over a period of 10-12 weeks.


Contains pure, high grade non cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HAs). Compared to other HAs like skin boosters, Profhilo stays in the skin tissue for longer and has more enduring and stimulatory properties. Like other collagen stimulating treatments, Profhilo stimulates collagen and elastin, improving the quality of the skin tissue but it does not immediately add volume like Radiesse. Because Profhilo is made from HAs, it has the added benefit of hydrating the skin.

The number of treatments required depends on the area to be treated, the degree of external ageing and the collagen stimulating product used.

Radiesse dosed correctly typically requires 1-2 treatments for rejuvenation. Radiesse can also be used (undiluted) to add volume and sculpt facial features such as jawline and cheeks, in which case, only one treatment is required. If a second treatment is required (or desired) for rejuvenation, treatments are recommended 10-12 weeks apart.

Sculptra typically requires 1 vial for each decade of life for rejuvenation. For example, for a person in their 50’s a total 5 vials are required. Two vials may be injected in one session and treatments are performed 6-8 weeks apart. Using the above example, a person in their 50’s requires 5 vials over three treatments (1-2 vials per treatment).

Profhilo typically requires 2 syringes per treatment across 2-3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. The initial recommendation for Profhilo is a treatment pack of 2 treatments (2 syringes per treatment) for optimum results, with some clients requiring or desiring a third treatment.

Which collagen stimulating treatment is better? This depends on several different factors including the area to be treated and the degree of external ageing. Due to their stimulatory actions, all collagen stimulators have long lasting results when compared to other injectable treatments such as dermal fillers.

Sculptra works well for facial rejuvenation, improving the quality if the skin tissue, and volumising areas of depletion but Sculptra doesn’t provide the immediate volumisation that Radiesse provides and Sculptra is not recommended for treatment of the neck and hands.

Sculptra also carries a slightly higher risk of granulomas (nodules) but the risk is still very low (<0.05% chance) and most are minor, are not visible underneath the skin and resolve over time without intervention.

Radiesse is an excellent option for rejuvenation of the neck, hands and decolletage and we see excellent results. Radiesse provides immediate volumisation like a dermal filler and has the secondary stimulatory benefit for improved skin quality and long-lasting results. Due to its gel like consistency, Radiesse may also be used (undiluted) to volumise and sculpt areas of the face such as jawline and cheeks.

Profhilo is indicated for face and neck rejuvenation, but the product is very new to Australia, and we believe its too soon to assess its efficacy although anecdotal reports from overseas are promising. Because Profhilo is made from HAs, it has the added ability to hydrate skin, but all collagen stimulatory treatments will improve the suppleness of the skin. The downtime for Profhilo is minor compared to Radiesse and Sculptra, typically with less risk of bruising, redness and swelling.

Your injector will guide you as to the best treatment for your area of concern.

Collagen stimulating injections are scheduled drugs and can only be injected by registered health professionals. At Vamp Cosmetic Clinic collagen stimulators are injected by our clinic doctors and registered nurses.

The amount of time the treatment takes depends on the size and complexity of the area being treated but typically ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hours. More complex areas such as the neck area and backs of hands may take up to 1 hour. Treatment of multiple areas in the same appointment is common and this may take up 1-1.5 hours.

For Radiesse and Sculptra, the area to be treated is locally anaesthetised and the product is delivered under the skin using a cannula (blunt ended needle) to evenly spread the product in the treatment area. As the area has been numbed, the treatment is relatively comfortable, but you will feel the force of the cannula as the product is evenly distributed underneath the skin.

Profhilo is injected using a needle at five central injections points across the face and neck. The product spreads like honey underneath the skin to ensure even coverage and collagen stimulation. The process is less traumatic to the skin and takes less time than Radiesse and Sculptra.

Aftercare for collagen stimulators differs for each of the products used. Aftercare for Radiesse and Profhilo is very similar to that of dermal filler and include, avoid vigorous exercise, applying make-up and alcohol for 24 hours after treatment.

Aftercare following Sculptra treatment is like that of Radiesse and Profhilo however, a very important part of caring for your Sculptra treatment is massage to the area to ensure even distribution of the product in the tissue and to ensure collagen production occurs evenly and not in clumps.

Refer to ‘post care information’ attached for more detailed information on aftercare following treatment with Radiesse, Sculptra and Profhilo.

Sculptra and Radiesse are injected using very similar techniques, therefore the downtime is very similar. With both treatments there are risks of minor to moderate redness, swelling and bruising, ‘patchiness’ in skin colour (this can also be caused by the local anaesthetic), increased sensitivity to pain in the treatment area, and granulomas or nodules underneath the skin. The risk of nodules is low in both cases at <0.05%, are mostly minor and tend to resolve without further intervention.

There is very little downtime with Profhilo. You will likely experience small ‘smartie size’ bumps at the points of injection and as applies to all injectable treatments, there is a risk of bruising at the injection site.

The volumising result from Radiesse are seen immediately which makes it the ideal choice for treatment of neck and backs of hands. The stimulatory effect of Radiesse, Sculptra and Profhilo typically takes 10-12 weeks after each treatment.

Due to the biostimulatory effect of collagen stimulating treatments results last longer than other cosmetic injectable treatments such as dermal filler. Individual results vary but you will see good effect of treatment for an average of 12-18+ months for Radiesse and Sculptra, and 9-12 months for Profhilo.

To maintain results, Profhilo is recommended every 6-9 months but only one syringe is required. We recommend 1-2 vials of Sculptra each year for maintenance and treatment with Radiesse is repeated on average every 12-18 months.

Collagen stimulators are different to dermal fillers because their primary job is to stimulate new collagen and elastin and improve skin quality, rather than to provide structural support for the skin. Dermal fillers provide structural support and there’s a small collateral effect of stimulating collagen and elastin, but this is not their primary job.

The results of dermal fillers typically last for 9-12 months with the results of collagen stimulating treatments ranging from 9-18 months.

Yes! – Collagen stimulating treatments can be combined with most other cosmetic treatments. Because collagen stimulating treatments do not improve skin discolouration such as diffuse redness and pigmentation, we typically combine collagen stimulating treatments with laser treatments such as C02 laser, PicoWay Skin Rejuvenation and Ellipse IPL for better results. Antiwrinkle treatment is also a popular cosmetic injectable treatment commonly combined with collagen stimulating treatments.

Your treating doctor or nurse can discuss the best combined treatment options for your areas of concern.

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