Performed by our General Practitioners and Dermal Therapist

This treatment uses a laser beam to precisely target and ablate benign moles and lesions without damaging surrounding tissue. The laser is extremely fast, treating lesions in seconds in most cases in only a few pulses. Laser treatment is superior to other forms of skin tag and mole removal with less risk of scarring. The laser cleverly seals the tissue to minimise bleeding and infection risk.

This treatment is performed by our GP’s and Dermal Therapist. No referral is required however if you have a referral from your GP please bring it to your appointment.

During treatment, we aim to remove as much tissue as necessary to minimise scarring and occasionally lesions return. This generally happens early and can be retreated at no further cost to you if booked within 3 months of the initial treatment.

It’s important to understand that lesions and skin tags can recur. In some cases they are likely to recur and in other cases, may not recur for several years or may never recur. Our doctors and dermal therapist will provide more information on the likelihood of your lesions recurring during consultation.

Our doctors and dermal therapists have extensive experience in skin cancer examination and treatment however, we are an aesthetic clinic and do not perform skin checks and offer laser treatment for benign lesions only. We will perform an external examination (including dermoscopy examination if necessary) of the lesion. If the lesion warrants further investigation and is not suitable for laser removal, we will refer you back to your usual GP or skin cancer doctor.

It is highly recommended you have a skin check 6 months prior to your booked appointment. This is a requirement if booking with our Dermal Therapist. 


Seborrheic keratoses, skin tags, naevi lentigines, solar keratoses, xanthelasma, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia.

Treatment Single 2 – 5 (per additional lesion) 6 – 10 (per additional lesion) >+10 (per additional lesion)
C02RE laser removal $380 $50 $40 $30
C02RE laser + corneal shields required (Doctor only) i.e. (lesion is over or very near to the eye requiring eye protection) $480 $50 $40 $30

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