Skin Tag & Mole Removal CO2RE Laser Treatment Performed By Our Doctors

The CO2RE laser treatment by Candela Medical is one of the most advanced skin tag and mole removal laser treatments available. The treatment is performed exclusively by our Cosmetic Doctors.

No referral is required although if you have a referral from your GP please bring it along with you to your appointment. Our Doctors will  assess all moles, lesions and skin tags before proceeding with treatment. If on examination the mole or skin tag warrants further investigation, they will refer you back to your usual GP or skin cancer doctor.

The treatment uses a C02 laser beam to precisely target and ablate lesions without damaging surrounding tissue. The laser is extremely fast treating lesions in seconds in most cases. Nearly all lesions require only a single treatment but follow up treatment may be required. If the same lesion recurs within 12 months of the initial treatment we’ll retreat it at no cost to the patient.

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Treatment Costs

First lesion (single): $280

2-5 lesions (per additional lesion): $50

5-10 lesions (per additional lesion): $40

> 10 lesions (per additional lesion): $30