Performed exclusively by our medical professionals 

A revolutionary intensive skin needling treatment for the lower face, mid face & neck. Ideal for treatment of thin ‘crepey’ skin, mild to moderate wrinkles, some scarring and uneven skin texture.

Local anaesthetic injections are used to numb the face and neck. Specialised long needles are inserted deep into the skin tissue and heated to a precise temperature stimulating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for improved skin texture and minor skin tightening.

Unlike traditional skin needling treatments where a course of 3-6 treatments (or more) is required, this treatment is intensive and only a single treatment is required.


Skin texture, ‘crepey’ skin, fine lines, improvement of mild to moderate wrinkles and some types of scarring.

Profound is $3400 for treatment of full face and neck. Only a single treatment is required but a second treatment may be desired. All treatments are performed exclusively by our experienced cosmetic nurse and doctors. Pricing includes – treatment of face and neck and pre and post treatment consultations.

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The Profound treatment is primarily used to improve the thickness, texture and elasticity of skin for the face and neck resulting in smoother skin. The ideal candidate for Profound will be in overall good health, looking to improve mild to moderate signs of external ageing such as fine lines & wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and uneven skin texture

Our cosmetic doctors and nurses will conduct a thorough consultation prior to treatment. Potential patients should understand the benefits and limitations of treatment, post treatment care and the recovery period, and hold reasonable expectations for their results.

The Profound is the only device of its kind. It works more effectively than other skin needling treatments of its kind by heating the tissue to precisely the temperature needed for optimum skin rejuvenation all in a single treatment.

Other treatments that use ultrasound and radiofrequency promise great results but delivery of heat into tissue isn’t measured and therefore, it is not guaranteed enough heat has been delivered uniformly into the tissue to induce skin rejuvenation and results may be less than optimum.

Other treatments may require a course of treatments to see results whereas with Profound, only a single treatment is recommended.

Profound is a ‘biostimulatory’ treatment that uses heat to stimulate the body’s own ability to make elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid – the building blocks for rejuvenated skin leading to smoother, tighter skin. Surgical face lifts are surgery and yield different results to the Profound treatment. Surgical face lifts cut and lift the skin tissue but do nothing to improve the quality of the skin tissue. The ‘lift’ from a surgical face lift is certainly more effective and predictable but skin tissue is not rejuvenated, and the risks and downtime are significantly greater with surgical face lifts when compared to Profound.

Refer to our blog post about Profound Deep Skin Needling written by our cosmetic doctor to see how the two treatments compare.

Profound is performed exclusively by our experienced medical professionals. The procedure involves injection of local anaesthetic to ‘block’ and control pain and discomfort during treatment (you will feel some pressure throughout the treatment as the needles penetrate the skin but you will be relatively comfortable).

A 5 micro needle hand piece is injected into the skin at an angle to allow for more precise exposure to the dermal layer (deeper layers of the skin). The needles deliver a very high amount of energy into the dermal tissue and heat it to the precise temperature known to induce optimum skin rejuvenation.

The process is repeated over the entire treatment area and takes around 2-3 hours.

This treatment is effective but not without ‘downtime’. You can expect mild to moderate swelling peaking at 48 hours after the treatment. Extensive patterning on the skins surface and pin point bruising where the needles pierce the skin. Tenderness and bruising peaking at day 4 after the treatment. Bruising can be extensive but may be covered with make up. Side effects usually resolve with in 10-14 days.

Profound stimulates the tissue to regenerate itself, so like most ‘biostimulatory’ skin treatments, the process takes time and the length of time is dependent on a few factors such as age and lifestyle. You may see some results once swelling subsides, particularly improvements in texture, but most of the effect is seen over 3-6 months. Studies have demonstrated regeneration of new dermal tissue in 10 weeks.


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